General rules for enetering raffles an giveaways organised by iTAK Sport d.o.o.

Rules also apply for Facebook and Instagram social networks

  1.     General rules

The organizer of the raffle is iTAK Sport d.o.o., Ob Zeleznici 30a, 1000 Ljubljana (further reffered to as iTAK Sport).

When a business partner of the organizer also participates as a co-organizer of the raffle, gives away prizes etc., the organizer conducts the raffle on their internet pages and/or Facebook profiles, as is stated in the text of each individual raffle or giveaway.

  1.     Terms and conditions for entering the raffle

The raffle entry is possible for all adults. Persons under the age of 18 need to have written permission to enter from their parents or guardians.

All registered users of the web page can participate in the raffle, except if the description says otherwise. A user can register on the internet page by picking a username and password, and confirming his identity with a valid e-mail adress. The registration and use of the web page is free. If the raffle is held over Facebook, all Facebook users that are connected to the Facebook page or have pressed »Like« are eligible for entry, unless the description says otherwise.

The participation in the raffle is not connected with purchasing items on the web page.

Participants of the raffle are responsible for all the costs associated with participating.

The costs are, amongst others:

  •          the cost of internet access
  •          the cost of internet data usage

Every participant can participate in each raffle only once.

  1.     The course of the raffle

A detailed description of the raffle course is written on the web page and/or Facebook or Instagram.

The date of the beginning and end of the raffle is displayed on the web page and/or Facebook or Instagram.

By participating in the raffle it is implied that the participant accepts all general conditions of participation in the raffle, and the rules published on the web page and/or Facebook or Instagram.

The participant loses his right to claim the prize if the organiser confirms that:

  •          the participant didn't meet the conditions required to enter
  •          that the participant didnt play by the rules and conditions of the raffle
  •          that the participant does not want to fulfill his duties required by the general requirements displayed on the web page and/or Facebook, or he didn't fulfill them on time
  •          in the scenario that his application, in any way, wasn't compliant


  1.     Prizes

Each participant of the raffle can accept only one prize. If the participant has been drawn two or more times, he can accept only the prize he has been drawn for first.

The type and description of the prizes is described in the raffle guidelines on the web page and/or Facebook or Instagram profile, where the raffle is being held.

The prizes are not replacable for another type of prize, eligible to be paid in cash or transferable to a third person.

  1.     The prize draw

The draw will be held on the date shown in the description of the raffle on the web page and/or Facebook or Instagram profile. It will be held in the span of 14 days before the raffle expiration date in the organizer's HQ (Ob Zeleznici 30a, 1000 Ljubljana) or coorganizer's HQ.

  1.     Notifying the winners

The person that won the raffle will recieve a notification about the prize via a private message on their Facebook profile or their e-mail adress, that was usedf for registration at the raffle web page.

By participating in the raffle the participant agrees that, if drawn, the organizer can post his name and surname on the Facebook wall and »tag« him. In case that the raffle is being held via web page, the participant agrees that, if drawn, the organizer can post his name and surname on the web page where the raffle is being held.

The complete list of winners will be posted on the web page and/or Facebook profile the latest  of three days, after the draw has been completed.

The results of the raffle are final. Complaints about the results will not be considered.

  1.     Collecting of the prizes

The winner of the raffle is authorised for picking up his winnings after he has been notified about the outcome, in the agreed time span.

The prizes are being taxed according to the law for income tax. The winner of the raffle is responsible for paying their income tax according to income tax law (other examples, in which raffles are described).

For picking up the prizes the winner must, after being notified in writing from the organizer, present the following documents: name and surname, his adress of permanent residence, place of permanent residence, ID code, and tax code.

If the winner doesen't present the necessary documents within seven days od the sent notification, he loses the right to collect the prizes without the right for any kind of change.

  1.     Final regulations

For cancelling the raffle participation the participant must write a request to the e-mail adress:

By entering the raffle it is implied that the participants agrees with the rules. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules, if it is required by any technical, commercial or public causes. The organizer will post notifications about any changes and news on the Facebook page Salming Slovenija and iTAK Šport. Participants can send any complaints about the raffles to the e-mail adress: