About iTAK Sport

iTAK Sport is not just a company... iTAK Sport is a team. A team composed of individuals with the soul of an athlete and a vision to help everyone reach the next level. To achieve this, we paired with top world manufacturers of sports equipment, thus helping those who want to step up in their sporting activities.

In our sales program, you will find products from manufacturers: BAUER, WARRIOR, VAUGHN, SHER-WOOD, FISCHER, SALMING, POWERSLIDE, etc., which are intended for broad consumption as well as the unique needs of an individual.
Furthermore, we also considered the youngest sports enthusiasts, as we have a wide selection of scooters, ice skates, inline skates and other sports equipment with which they will take their first steps in the world of sports.

However, above all, our primary purpose is the health and well-being of every individual. With state-of-the-art equipment and modern approaches, we want you to score more goals, run faster, jump higher, and most importantly, do all this SAFE and WITHOUT INJURY. Last but not least, we took care of the "recreationists" who can choose from our top-notch ice skates and inline skates.

iTAK Sport: Sports gear for all, that want more! www.itaksport.com 

Company name:

iTAK Sport d.o.o.
Ob Zeleznici 30a
1000 Ljubljana

The company is registered at the district court in Kranj, Reg. Input No.: 2008/24831, Share capital: 192.000.00€ 
VAT: SI71998578
Company Registration Number: 3357589000

TR/IBAN: SI56 0433 1000 3108 771 
At bank: NOVA KBM d.d., Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, 2505 Maribor, Slovenia