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Bauer Prodigy hockey shoulder and chest pads - Youth

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Bauer Prodigy hockey shoulder and chest pads - Youth

There are so many pieces of equipment for a youth hockey player—don’t you wish your child could put a few pieces on and safely go play? Thanks to Bauer’s Prodigy Youth Top, now they can.

Finally, a unique 2-in-1 system is available that allows kids to slip right into a layer of protection. Additional molded mid-density foam was applied to the elbows, where it’s needed most, to ensure a more comfortable experience on the ice. Several features, such as the youth-specific shoulder cap, help to provide an optimal fit for your child.

This 2-in-1 top is best paired with the Prodigy Youth Bottom, a complementary 2-in-1 system featuring pants and shin guards.

  • Integrated shoulder and elbow system
  • Segmented design for maximum mobility
  • Floating bicep protection for youth specific fit
  • Shoulder Cap: Double density foam construction
  • Sternum: Molded double density foam
  • Spinal: Vented spinal foam construction
  • Bicep Guard: Adjustable elbow system
  • Elbow Cap: Molded MD foam
  • Forearm Guard: MD foam
  • Elbow Joint: MD foam + sleeve
  • Elbow Strap: 2-strap system
  • Liner: Hydrophobic mesh


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