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Warrior Ritual GT hockey goalie leg pads - Senior

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Warrior Ritual GT hockey goalie leg pads - Senior

Traditional design elements merge with Ritual innovation to form the Warrior Ritual GT Pro leg pads. Warrior elevates the traditional feeling goalie pad with a super lightweight construction and Ritual series features. At a size of 34+1.5, the Ritual GT Pros weigh less than 4 ½ pounds a pad. This light weight is achieved with a solid HD foam core construction, and an extensive use of nylon for the non-contact areas and straps.
The R/GT Pro leg pads feature Geometric Torsion Technology, which are specific flex points that allow the pads to completely seal along the ice. These torsional flex points are located below the knee and the ankle, which allow the tapered boot to tilt forward and seal without the thigh rising lifting off the ice.
The Active Response strapping system decreases stress on the goalie’s hips, knees and ankles; the Velcro strapping style also gives the goalie better control in the pad, because the strapping can be tightened to any preference and still allow the leg to move stress free. The Sling Wrap knee strap uses a nylon strap and buckle to hold the knee in place, so the goalie has total control of the pad while dropping into the butterfly.
The Knee Drive System is designed with a solid HD foam attachment to the core of the pad, to increase stability in the butterfly. Furthermore, the knee cradle has ample volume to comfortably fit the GT Senior knee pads.


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