Today we roll out our new collection


Today, a new collection of Salming running equipment comes to the store. New designs, new technologies and even more comfort and DOMINATION for you.

 We are particularly proud of our new EnRoute collection, which will push your running on a whole new level.

Every runner is unique. The running style is a runner's fingerprint. With EnRout, anyone can achieve their running potential, regardless of the style or physical predisposition. It is based on Salming's philosophy of 5 RULES, making the shoe light, flexible and balanced. With it, your foot gets the real feeling of the surface. All this for a superb experience during the run.


In addition to running shoes we also get new sports equipment. From sportswear, designed for the best results and in the latest fashion trends to sports bags and backpacks. We have everythin for your perfect running season.


This is the year for you. The year in which you will DOMINATE. NO Excuses and NO NONSENSE.

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