Three tricks to improve your hockey during the summer


1. Just take that shot!

You don't need ice to train your shoot. All you need is your hockey stick, puck, and a speedometer. Next, set the goal that you will keep each day. A good goal is to shoot at least 100 shots every day. You will train your muscle memory and improve the accuracy and power of your shoots.

2. Be active

The first thought that jumps in our head, when it comes to summer hockey is skating. With it, you will maintain fitness and muscle mass during the summer. But, this is not the only sport. Cycling, running, football and other sports can also contribute to your overall fitness and muscle growth. Regular physical activity will make sure that your hockey season starts with a BANG.

3. Strengthen your leg muscles

The power of your legs is crucial for speed and explosiveness on ice. And although it's hard to train in the summer, it does not mean that you cant. Exercise, which includes high-intensity intervals, will give your legs speed and explosiveness. Go for a jog, which contains short acceleration intervals. By winter, you will definitely gain speed and beat your rivals.

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