Three quick tips to improve your hockey shot power!


Hockey season is here. And if you want this to be your best that improving your shot power is a crucial step.
Learn about 3 tips on how to improve your shot power and dominate the ring!
1. Hit smarter not harder
 Technique is everything. You can be a muscle beast, but your shot will be weak. Why? Because your technique is bad. So practice, practice, practice! Take hundreds and hundreds of shots so you can perfect your style and improve your technique. Remember, with proper technique you will beat muscles any day of the week!
2. Bend those knees!
 Every time! Even if you are not training on the ice. Try to bend your knees when taking a shot. Not only it will get into your blood but with proper weight transfer you will get more power, and your overall technique will improve.
3. Always give 100% percent
This is important because »lazy« training where you just shot for fun isn't proper. Always shoot with power. You will build your strength, and when it is time to strike, you will shred the net.
Technique and training will improve your hockey game, but for real dominance on the ice, you also need top-notch equipment.

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