Five Key features of a pristine volleyball player



Definitely one of the most essential features. Due to the height of the net, volleyball requires exceptional vertical jump and explosiveness. Regardless of whether you are blocking or going for the point, a good jump will definitely increase your chance of dominating. Of course, we should not ignore the importance of jumping even when serving, as it provides much more dynamic and powerful service.


Volleyball is a very static sport compared to football or handball. But when its time to go for that loose point, explosive and response time are decisive. Therefore, in addition to the excellent jump, this is a crucial feature that often decides the balance of victory on one side or the other.


Although at first glance it seems that volleyball does not require a lot of fitness, the opinion changes quickly when the game starts. A lot of jumping, quick short sprints, and powerful shots need strength and excellent preparedness. Besides, proper fitness preparations also prevent injuries as the entire body is stronger and more resistant.


The game requires extraordinary mental power, as the opportunity for errors is unlimited. Mistimed service, a certain point that goes out of the field and a missed block can quickly lead to defeat which we cat forgive ourselves for a long time. Therefore, 100% concentration is required throughout the entire game.


The differences between top-level and good players are in details. Better grip on the floor can be a decisive factor that brings slipping at one side and a victory on the other side of the net. Therefore, it is always worth investing in a set of sportswear.

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By following all 5 tips, you will become a better player and dominate in all aspects of the game.

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