ATTENTION Ladies! The SKATING season has begun


Its true, warm sunny days are ideal for carefree SKATING through the streets with your best friend, just enjoying in the cozy spring sun. The perfect day ends in your favorite ice cream shop where you enjoy your favorite dessert.

But all this falls apart when you open your closet and you see your old skates who you have worn back in your teenage days. Immediately you remember the blister from last year and although you adore skating, you close the closet.


But there is another way. It is called Powerslide Phuzion Bionic woman 110 fitness skates. Professional women inline skates, which, due to their lightness and low weight, make you feel like rolling barefoot. In addition, 3x110mm wheels allow you to roll faster with less effort and look great at the same time.


So next time you open your closet you will see our fantastic POWERSLIDE SKATES, who will once again take you to your cruising through the streets without a care on your mind and with the wind in your hair.

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