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Bauer Vapor FLYLITE Junior Grip composite hockey stick 54" - '19 Model

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Bauer Vapor FLYLITE Junior Grip composite hockey stick 54" - '19 Model

The brand new top model from the popular Vapor series from Bauer impresses with incredibly light weight and the latest technologies. With a new XE taper, full ACL carbon technology, Duraflex resin bonding and a new flex profile, the Bauer Vapor Flylite racquet delivers energy even faster (about 8% for wrist and about 11% for slap shots). The lightest stick by Bauer is the best choice for all professional and elite players who value the best possible performance.

- Profile: Vapor is still the series with a low kick for explosive power transmission

- Monocomp technology: The Vapor Flylite stick is a real one-piece-stick, which was manufactured in one process. This optimizes the power transfer from hand position to the blade

- XE Taper Technology: Bauer uses a further development of the top technology of the former brand Easton. A thin oval cone (connecting area between shaft and blade) provides superior torsional rigidity, the shots come with the highest precision

- Asymmetrical Textreme construction: Exclusively used by Bauer in the upper and back, which is 20% lighter and 30% more resistant than regular 3K carbon. Through the new asymmetrical arrangement of the Vapor Flylite sticks even lighter and more durable

- Micro Feel II Shaft Dimension: Rounded corners with double concave walls for best grip and low twist

- Duraflex Resin Technology: Highly innovative bonding system to improve durability and enhance the feel of the game. Also protects against micro-cracks, which can lead to stick fatigue or even breakage. As a result, the Bauer Vapor Flylite stick feels  longer "new"

- ACL Blade Technology: Advanced Carbon Layering with extra-thin layers of carbon material inside the blade (Textreme outer) for a super lightweight trowel

- AERO-SENSE 2 Blade Core: High-quality two-ply foam core, which provides improved durability and reduces the disturbing vibrations of excellent disc feel on the Vapor Flylite Stick

- Griptac: Proven grip coating for best grip on the shaft


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