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Sherwood TrueTouch T90 composite hockey stick - Senior

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Sherwood TrueTouch T90 Gen. II composite hockey stick - Intermediate

The Sherwood True Touch T90 2nd Gen Hockey Sticks are an excellent choice for the player who's looking for high-end performance and feel without breaking the bank. With Sherwood's 2nd Gen improvements, this T90 is not only one of the lightest sticks at this price, weighing in just over 500 grams (in senior), it also boasts some of the best durability around with new Wide Hosel Technology. The extra carbon reinforcement in the hosel strengthens the slash-zone, it also increases accuracy by preventing the blade from twisting or torquing on big shots. 

The T90 2nd Gen Stick's other big upgrade this year is the VRF.2 Blade Core. First debuting in the Rekker EK15, Sherwood uses the same internal construction in this T90. This lightens up the blade and gives and gives the stick a higher balance point, but it also enhances liveliness and accuracy. Assisting the VRF.2 Core with puck feel, Sherwood's Spear Shaft technology runs the shaft through the heel of the blade. This results in direct feel of the puck through the hands for a true one-piece feel. 

  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
  • Construction: Fused one-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls 
  • Flex Point: Mid Kick
  • Weight: 454 grams

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