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Bauer Nexus 1N composite hockey stick - Senior

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Bauer Nexus 1N composite hockey stick - Senior

Bauer that point is the ability for each innovative technology to work in unison with one another, allowing the Nexus 1N to live up to its true definition.

Working in unison starts with the 1Ns construction, which is comprised of Monocomp, eLASTech, and TeXtreme® technologies. Overall, these innovative features provide you with an extremely lightweight, durable stick that provides consistent performance all season long.

Monocomp Technology is Bauer’s industry-leading single molding process that ensures product performance and consistency. While TeXtreme® technology, a strong ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, reduces weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Lastly, maintaining consistency and strength is eLASTech Technology. A proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements help to reduce the spread of micro-fractures, ultimately extending the 1Ns ‘pop-life’ to keep it feeling newer longer.

After construction, additional technologies: Sweet Spot, NEXUS TRU Mid-Kick, Power Shaft, and POWER SENSE CORE 2 Blade, work in unison allowing for smooth transfer, deadly accuracy, and serious power every time you take a shot.

Sweet Spot Technology re-engineered the use of carbon fiber for a smoother transfer while shooting. NEXUS TRU Mid-kick, which reacts to your hand position while shooting, and assists Sweet Spot to reach it’s full functionality. Next, the NEXUS TRU Mid-kick combines with Power Shaft, a double concave taper with thick hosel area, to minimize deflection during powerful shots. Lastly, all 3 combine efforts to optimize energy transfer and align the POWER SENSE CORE 2 Blade for deadly accuracy.

The blade, being the most important, is constructed with the next evolution of SENSE technology. An updated process with integrated SENSE layer materials and TeXtreme® carbon fiber on the outer portion, which reduces overall blade weight and improves balance.

Not only is the 1N fully stocked with unmatched balance, feel, durability, strength, ability for effortless release, and deadly accuracy but also with capability allowing you to be nexus of your game.  


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