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Warrior Dynasty HD PRO composite hockey blade - Senior

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Warrior Dynasty HD PRO composite hockey blade - Senior

The Warrior Dynasty HD Pro blades are designed to fit the Warrior HD1S shafts but will also work standard shafts from any brand as long as they are a 0.620” standard taper system. The overall construction of the blade uses 3K carbon with a Hardcore X construction. The Hardcore X provides the lightest blade package with a 60% higher compression resistance and 40% higher greater tensile strength.

The core of the blade is reinforced with a UniSpar support structure. The UniSpar offers a carbon fiber support structure through the core of the blade to increase strength and endurance. 


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P92 / W03 / Backstrom / P29 / PP26 / E3 / TC2 Right Deliverable 5-10 working days
P92 / W03 / Backstrom / P29 / PP26 / E3 / TC2 Left Deliverable 5-10 working days

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